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5-25-09: You make me sick, got me lit like a candlestick - The Chronicle of Aldencia [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Chronicle of Aldencia: Saving the Kingdom

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5-25-09: You make me sick, got me lit like a candlestick [Jun. 6th, 2009|05:25 pm]
The Chronicle of Aldencia: Saving the Kingdom



The remainder of the trip to Romdas was largely uneventful, though both Dora and Nahla appeared to be somewhat under the weather, perhaps due to all they had so recently survived. Romdas met them in apparently fine form – the fort itself was alive with training and well-appointed activity. Immediately the party split up for their various goals. Matthias ascertained that all was indeed well, learning that, though Connor’s forces combined with the rebel army and Romdas’s own compliment were a formidable force, they were not yet ready for a major altercation. With Keleroth in tow, Matthias reviewed the messages that had come in from Aldencia. One, through the network that had been established, spoke of a “mutual friend who was much sought” who was rumored to be back within the city, obviously referring to Prince Edward. Another letter was included in the pack, addressed to Elara, but the men read it anyway, learning that Mother Wood was safe and well, and that the pressure on the clergy had apparently lessened significantly. Meanwhile, Theodor shared with his companions the joyful news of his proposal to Dora, which swept the men, particularly Bendigar, into the planning of a bachelor’s party to beat all others, including invitations to Matthias and Keleroth, the former of which declined but the latter prepared some spectacular fire magic for the occasion. Similarly, Dora and Nahla sat with Cynthia, who, upon learning of Dora’s engagement, rejoiced as only a noblewoman still young enough to squeal could – she set about planning the date, colors, ceremony, and all the details until Perenahl was nearly beside herself with stifled laughter.

Dinner continued much of the same train until Matthias put an end to the marriage fuss, instead turning conversation to anything else. Following the meal, he pulled his officers and the leadership of Romdas together for a council. With the army nearly ready for a major engagement, he felt it was time for him to set out the various plans and preparations for the inevitable attack in case he was not present himself when the time came to use them. General Connor was named as his successor, but all parties agreed that Prince Edward must be found if possible, as no military force should seize the throne. Thus, the tantalizing rumor that the prince was in Adzoral was debated at length, until at last it was decided for Matthias to lead a very small group to the city to investigate. The rest of the evening was lost to strategy for the militarily-inclined, and grateful rest for the others.

In the morning, however, it became quickly clear that all plans would have to wait. An illness seemed to have swept through the fort like a wildfire, striking one man in twenty with violent vomiting, fever, weakness, and other such symptoms. Dora and Nahla began running around as best they could to lend relief, but whatever had struck seemed resistant to everything Dora knew. The worst cases were Keleroth and Lord Warren, and later, Theodor, as the day wore on and more men fell ill. Matthias began investigating the cause of the affliction, until even he began to feel weak and had to rest. With the situation getting desperate, Keleroth (who had cleverly put a skull-and-crossbones sign on his door) began to wonder if this could be a magical construct, and more to the point, if it was something the Ojaluche could help with, so, when not actively wanting to die, he began pouring through the book taken from the labyrinth in Cath. Dora was beginning to wonder the same thing, though she had a difficult time posing her query to the Ojaluche in a way it could understand. Meeting in the middle, Keleroth laid his hand on the sphere, feeling his pain wash away, though the illness itself remained; the Ojaluche commented about something bad in the mage that was not of the world, affirming the suspicions of magical tampering. However, the experience, and his readings, combined with Dora’s persistent questioning, led the two to try setting the Ojaluche in water. Upon sipping a dipper of this water, Keleroth felt immediately better, the affliction falling from him in mere moments. Dora and Nahla spent the rest of the day delivering this cure to the other ill men, seeing near-miraculous recoveries in all cases. Meeting at the end of the day, the women took some water themselves, just in case, wondering about the earlier weakness they had felt before returning to Romdas. On a whim, Dora asked Nahla if she thought pregnancy might be possible, and though neither could know for sure, the possibility followed them the rest of the evening. Meanwhile, Matthias learned that the day prior 13 bushels of potatoes had been delivered to Romdas, but only 12 had been ordered and 12 had been supplied by the townsman. No one could account for the extra potatoes, but many suspicions circled around what might have been in that sack and what its intent had been.

Now forced to depart Romdas a few days later than expected, Matthias and his group spent their time recovering, preparing, and also experiencing Theodor’s party, one which would likely be remembered for years after Keleroth’s flaming entertainment. At last, though, Matthias, Dora, Theodor, Bendigar, Keleroth, and Nahla set off for Adzoral, making as much haste as they could manage. As they approached the city, the party encountered posted proclamations repeating what Mother Wood’s letter had communicated to Elara – the clergy and priesthood were now sacrosanct and protected beyond reproach by anyone. The group split into pairs to enter the city undetected, planning to meet at the city house they had acquired some time before. While the other two groups met nothing out of the ordinary, Matthias and Keleroth went towards the cathedral, dressed as they were as monks, and had an odd experience. Since it was near dusk and the curfew there were few people on the streets, but there, bold as can be, was a military group apparently taking some action against some members of the priesthood. When Matthias and Keleroth drew near for a better look, they could see that a fight had broken out in one of the buildings where the more senior clergy lived. A nearby sentry prevented their entrance, and though he could offer very little in the way of explanation for what was occurring, he did confirm that the order to attack had come from his superior, whom, he believed, had heard it straight from those closest to the king. Afraid of any discipline should someone learn that their activities had been seen, the guard encouraged Matthias and Keleroth to leave and spend the night elsewhere, telling no one what had transpired. There was little else they could do besides observe several individuals carted off by the royal guards. Meeting up with the others at the house, Keleroth and Matthias shared what they had seen, feeling something ominous in the situation, though they did not yet know what these events could mean.

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2009-06-06 10:30 pm (UTC)


Sarah: Theodor is perfectly happy to get drunk and happy about the fact that he's drunk with happiness.

Marina: Matthias wouldn't be able to see the strippers...oh, wait. That's what would get him so mad.

Keleroth: I think he had a momentary lapse in judgement.
Matthias: Bendigar's entire LIFE has been a lapse in judegment.
David: That would explain Nahla.

Ingrid (to Steven): Are you the GM? I don't think so. Get off your high horse!

David: A debilitating disease that attacks the Y chromosome.
Steven: There is such a disease. It's called women.
Kelly: Matthias promptly falls ill.
Steven: See?

Steven: You vomited up a name!
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